Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New President! Now What? (article)

A New President! Now What?
Recreationists Must Unite and Mobilize

By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

Recreationists who enjoy the backcountry, waterways, off-pavement trails and SUV exploring have a huge new door of opportunity open to us – as well as a new challenge. The time has never been more critical for us to unite and mobilize to enjoy this new door and meet this new challenge. No matter how you wanted this election to turn out, we have to step up, work together, and mobilize our forces to help this new administration understand our sports and access issues.

Inherent with new Presidents, rotating congress critters, and term limits, we will always be in the game of educating new elected officials. It is our destiny if we are to survive.

I think there are a few steps we can take to ensure the future of our sports, no matter how you view this change in American politics. And one thing is for sure: we can all be proud of the fact that it is America and we can affect change by speaking up and working together. This is not the time to sit by and wait. We must act and help the newly-elected politicians at all levels understand that we are the responsible stewards of our public lands and that we deserve access. Here are my suggestions for “now what?”

Please go here to get the full article and what steps I think we need to take. You are welcome to use this article in pro-access newsletters, club news, websites, and magazines.
thanks, Del

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