Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tahoe Nat’l Forest Plan DEIS Comments by BlueRibbon

Tahoe National Forest Plan

Seven (7) Alternatives were offered. OHV recreationists were faced with issues like winter closures, road and route closures, and change in land designations. Read/download the BlueRibbon Coalition alert with links to copies of the plan Click here (pdf), and the final comments of the BlueRibbon Coalition here

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jim kalember said...

Hey Del, you do some good work, and 4x4s should be able to use EXISTING roads where permitted. However, you need to assure us that your 2-wheel knobbyists and Quaders do the same. I live in Reno under Peavine Mtn. and it is a mess, but typical of areas where there are no rules. OHV designated areas, such as Stoddard in SoCal and many others, are managed well, have all the steep anyone needs, and should be the model. There are plenty of unregulated and open access areas to track up--please be sensitive to the Sierras--they are losing the battle from the hordes on the west side.