Monday, March 9, 2009

Land Use Planning; Bruce Babbitt; and Hunting

My BlueRibbon partner, Don Amador, has posted up a great blog on the public process, Bruce Babbit, and hunting. Actually, its' more than that, but for sure you can get a lot out of this quick read with some good links.

Don links to a fish and game aritcle about getting involved in the management of hunting. The guy who wrote that article is Ken Mayer, a very good friend of mine. Ken is now the Director of Wildlife for Nevada. Ken knows government and in his piece he explains what we can do to ensure we have a say with the USFS and BLM.

It's really important that we are part of the early on "scoping" process -- where we can get our ideas in the game right up front, and hopefully see our ideas end up as the process spits out a plan.
Check out Don's info on his blog here:


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