Monday, July 27, 2009

Tahoe 4x4 Shop Saves the Day for Del (Blazen Off Road)

Coming out of the Rubicon Trail this past weekend, right after a great time with Jeepers Jamboree, we broke. Yup. Broke, AND had a flat tire to change on Cadillac Hill (in the lineup to get home). ouch.

We tore some suspension components loose which allowed the axle to shift and my rear tire to get eaten alive by rubbing on the frame and coil spring basket. Yikes -- burning rubber.

But, alas, here they come to save the day, that means that Blazen is on the way. Yea, baby, for sure, Blazen Off Road has our jeep and are kicking in labor and some fabricating to help us get back on the trail. BFGoodrich Tires, one of our long standing sponsors, is coming up with two more KM2's to help us out and keep the Jeep safe. Awesome.

We also would like to publicly thank Gary Lefler, Tahoe Hi Lo's, and hard-working member of Friends of the Rubicon, who picked us up, got us to a motel, got our Jeep safely delivered to South Lake Tahoe, and hooked us up with connections in town. Thank you, Gary, you ROCK.

And I might add, if you're looking for a clean, fairly priced, beautiful motel away from the casino crowd, yet still close to town, try the Tahoe Valley Lodge right on Hwy. 50 just past the "Y" (

We left the Jeep with Blazen Off Road and they will do all the repairs and upgrades over the next couple weeks.
Visit Blazen Off Road here:
More to come. Del

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