Monday, December 21, 2009

USAA Insurance Company Teaches Uncle Del About Modern Communications

I am amazed at how our world is changing in the way of computers, electronics and communications. My first "Tweet" was more powerful than my first date as a teenager. My first "blog" gave me chills. And I thought my first time with online banking was scarier than jumping out of airplanes in army boots. But no; there's more.

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) insurance and banking company just told me how I can now do my insurance stuff AND bank on my Blackberry (or iPhone) and even do DEPOSITS using my phone camera and phone internet. OMG!!! Deposit a check I’m holding in my hand while taking a picture of it with my phone? What's next?

Now this post is more than a lame advertisement for USAA, albeit I've been with them for 40 years and I highly recommend them to ANYONE who has served in the military. Yes, they are now open to any and all honorable vets. But this blog is about how we must embrace new technology and apply it to those clients, customers and friends who are involved in the game of protecting our freedoms and fighting for our access to public lands. And we must especially apply all these new technologies to folks who love to recreate in the great outdoors, but have yet to figure out that they need to be fighting with us.

Well, ok, I may not be as amazed as I’m playing up here because in reality I’m fully embracing all the new technology I can. Yes, there will be some who feel “big brother” is watching us a bit too much here and there. But I believe that if you embrace all the security and common sense measures to go along with the “in touch” world, you’ll be just fine.

The point I’m really trying to drive home is that if you are trying to make a different in land use and access, or outdoor recreation in general, you should be using all means available to you. Hey maybe for you, like me, that also includes streaming tweets to your website along with an integrated hyper-link to your Facebook account with a side channel to your MySpace page. Whew…

I suspect companies other than USAA are doing this sort of banking thing, but you can learn more at (if you’re military or ex-military).

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