Friday, June 19, 2009

Border to Border Thanks and Notes

While I have a good internet connection, during this awesome Reno Rocks event, I wanted to take a minute to thank a few folks who are helping make the border to border trip possible. That is where I was before I hit Reno for this event.

Of course, Jeep and Mopar are on top of the list as Chris borrowed the Jeep Overland right from the Mopar boys. ARB, Viking Off road, WARN, BFGoodrich Tires, American Expedition Vehicles,, AdventureTrak (SPOT), (John Stewart), EQUIPT Expedition Outfitters, and Expedition One chimed in to make this trip a real adventure.

The SPOT from AdventureTrak ( was a life-line for us and still is for Chris. You can see the continuous track of his route north on the SPOT map. Jeff and Don Emde at AdventureTrak really helped make this a safe trip for us. loaded us up with great Coleman camping gear and some gas money to boot.

John Stewart from gave us gas money and hours of map advice and help.

If you get a choice in buying stuff or using a particular business, please consider these great sponsors of this trip as they are helping to keep our sport alive, not to mention the adventureous spirit in us all.


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