Monday, November 9, 2009

Genright Supports the Albright's

Genright Off Road joined the supporters of the Del & Stacie Kickin' Access Team while at Hump 'N Bump 2009.  Dropping down some serious gas money, the Genright crew jumped on the team to support our efforts at land use and access.  We also did some gnarly rocks with them in the Logandale OHV area while at this great event, and found out these Genright folks wheel some awesome machines.

If you're looking for some cool Jeep stuff from some real off road pro's, then check out what Genright Off Road has to offer.   They've got hood louvers, body armor, tube fenders, roll cages, skid gear, rocker guards, suspension parts and much more.  We plan to do more with them and are totally thankful they are supporting us in our work to save trails and keep our sport alive -- not to mention our Jeep.  :)  Thanks Genright; you're alright in our book.  Check them out at

Del & Stacie Albright,


By, Complacent No More said...

Thanks again guys and we had a great time with you!

KC said...

Thanks Del!