Thursday, October 29, 2009

SEMA Offers Helpful Land Use Guide

A “Guide to Land Use Policies & Off-Road Recreation” has just been added to our arsenal of information to help us fight back to keep our public lands open and our sports alive. Released by our friends at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), this guide offers some helpful stuff:

  • Some insight into major laws that dictate land use;
  • A look at the federal agencies who control our public lands by administering these laws;  
  • A listing of the some of the organizations that SEMA works with to protect the rights of off-road enthusiasts;  
  •  Provides SEMA’s position on these issues.
While much of this information is offered on other websites or through enthusiast organizations, SEMA adds to our collective fight by putting these key topics in one place through their SEMA Action Network (SAN) that really assists off-road businesses. I found this collection of key laws, government agencies, major land use groups and SEMA positions quite helpful as an enthusiast as well.

The SEMA SAN also has quite a collection of legislative resources that compliment what the off-road organizations offer, including model legislation, a listing of federal legislators, and a guide to lobbying elected officials. The SAN is free to join from their website.

Go here for more on the land use Guide and SAN:


Del Albright
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