Monday, January 11, 2010

Carnegie SVRA Rally and Ride Video

The sports of motorized recreation are always under fire by folks who would rather watch TV and eat bon-bons than get behind or on a motor and have some real fun!  It seems no matter how responsible we are, how commited we are to keeping our OHV areas clean and maintained, or how passionate we make our pleas to the "other side," they just won't give up and leave us alone.  For them, it's never enough.

So for these unreasonable people, our answer needs to be to get mean.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Now don't get me wrong; not everyone deserves our "ugly" response.  There are some good folks wanting to help us keep our environment healthy while maintaining our sports.  There are some good politicians who know we are the "real" environmentalists anyway.  But for those radical protectionists that still think closing us out is the only answer, we need to get "mad as hell."  This speech by Dave Pickett (AMA, Dist. 36) and Don Amador (BlueRibbon Coalition), tells the tale.

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