Sunday, January 3, 2010

Land Use Pledge for King of Hammers Race 2010

The 4405 MFS Race-a-Thon
by Kurt Schnieder (playing Jerry Lewis) & Del Albright

PLEDGE NOW to Benefit Land Use with the World's Largest Off-Road Race in the US

For the King of the Hammers 2010, we are taking pledges to land-use organizations depending on how far the 4405 land-use buggy makes it in the race! Just like a pledge drive high school kids do at school for sports fundraisers!!  This is an awesome, hard-core desert and rock race, where only a few are left standing. 15,000 to 20,000 people could be on-hand to witness this event next month.  I plan to be there.

YOU pick the amount pledged per mile and YOU pick the organization to donate too!

Travis Carpenter (Rock Zombie) is our driver.  With title sponsor, Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS), he's also a BFGoodrich Tires guy; with Yukon gears; a Powertank; Solid Axle dude, PRP seats, Vision X-Lights, Coast High Performance Racing Engines,  but mostly, he's a land use HERO.  He's taking the MFS buggy to KOH to help kick some land use ACCESS.

KOH is 135 miles long this year, so if you pledge a dollar per mile, that's $135 to the organization you picked as long as Travis and the 4405 make it thru the entire race!


1. Pledge anything you would like per mile made in the 4405 during KOH, and pick the organization you will pledge too, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition.

2. Add an addtional amount pledged if Travis wins KOH. (By the way, If the 4405 wins, our team is donating $5,000 of the winnings to BlueRibbon Coalition (

3. You also have the option for a "gutter pledge" that is if we don't start or do not complete at least 20 miles.

4. In your sig-line, please put: "4405 KOH Pledge" with your post number after it! (ex. 4405 KOH pledge #2) if you are a Pirate4x4 subscriber. (for non-Pirate4x4 folks, please see #6 below).

5. PLEASE forward a link to this thread to everyone on your e-mail, your local bulletin boards etc. If you can't afford to pledge anything (Which I totally understand) At the very least, help us to get the word out about this fundraiser!

6. If you are not a Pirate4x4 subscriber, you may e-mail your pledge to: (and let him know if you want your pledge posted, or prefer to remain anonymous).  We hope everyone will pledge and post up proudly so we can build an incredible list of donors.

7. After the race, please send you donation directly to the organizations you picked by March 1st. We are not collecting money.

You may cut and paste my post below and change the amounts and the organizations as you wish.

We will take pledges up until Febuary 11th, and I will also be taking pledges on the lakebed... Please pay you pledge amount by March 1st.

Suggested organizations to pledge too: (You may pick any land-use organization you wish, you do not need to pick from this list)

Blue Ribbon Coalition; then
Other National Organizations fighting for land use
State Associations
Regional Associations
other non-profit land use or appropriate associations, organizations, or Friends groups.

Note from Kurt:  Maybe this is just a pipe dream on my part, but think about this: if 20,000 people show up to KOH this year, and we get just 1/4 of them to an average of $100 a person... THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST LAND-USE DONATION EVER ON PIRATE4X4.COM EVER!!!

Help keep public lands open to the public!
Help support the sport!!


Note from Del:  it's my thinking we need to build the big dog, BlueRibbon Coalition, into the baddest biggest national grassroots organization ever formed.  This pledge fund-raiser could sure put a dent in that objective.

See the thread on Pirate4x4 here:

Visit title sponsor MFS here:
Thanks to all,
Del (and Kurt)

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