Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Travel: Mendocino Coast of Northern CA --- awe inspiring

Mendocino Coast, CA

The Mendocino Coast of northern California is a magical place to visit and Stacie and I can attest to that first hand. We had a marvelous adventure there in July 2009 and here are some highlights to help you plan a trip. It's one of those "don't miss it" places.

For a marvelous time in Mendocino of the northern California coast, we can highly recommend the following businesses and fun activities.

Esterlina Winery with a marvelous Pinot Noir 2007; and Goldeneye Winery, Host of our tour reception night.

Joshua Grindle Inn where we found a new scale by which to measure B&B's -- this place is a treasure.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking with up close and personal water experiences.

Ricochet Ridge Ranch with Lari Shea -- horseback vacations and beach riding.

Ledford House food with a Mediterranean influence and live jazz.
The truly fun and famous, Skunk Train.

Stacie and I spent a lovely time there and learned a lot about this marvelous coastal area. Mendocino is full of history, art, ocean and wonderfully friendly businesses who enjoy visitors.

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