Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rubicon Trail Little Sluice (meeting)

Discussion: Little Sluice - to crack or not to crack

Rubicon Trail users are meeting with the El Dorado Board of Supervisors to discuss rumors and possibilities of cracking/resizing the big rocks in the Sluice Box (Little Sluice).  This contentious issue is up for debate with the Board (and other trail users).  Users are divided on the issue -- whether to "blow the box" or leave it alone.  Be there or send someone to represent you.  You can also send in comments (see below).

County Meeting - Board of Supervisors Chambers

Where: 330 Fair Lane. Placerville, California 95667

When: 6:30 PM - Wednesday Sep. 16th

The decision has NOT BEEN MADE....it is up to us to form the decision to do anything if anything... Be HEARD!!!

If you can't make the meeting, e-mail Tom at tcelio@co.el-dorado.ca.us

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Bebe said...

Thank you Del,

It is so important to be a part of the public process, no matter what side of the fence we are on....