Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rubicon Trail Little Sluice (meeting)

I really enjoyed the public meeting tonight and I’m sure there will be a lot of posts about it. We filled up the room pretty much with about 25 folks speaking up. Tom Celio from Eldo County DOT said he had about 70 emails also (submitted testimony). I was very proud of everyone who was there.

Our passion and dedication to the trail shown through like a bright light, even if we all didn't agree on exactly what to with Little Sluice -- to blow or not to blow it.

However, the comment was made that it is turning out to be about 7 to 1 or so (unofficial) for leaving the box alone. Further, it was pretty unanimous that we need a plan before we do anything serious – a plan we are all part of. Co-Trail Boss Bebe did an awesome job presenting good stuff about what FOTR can do and has done.  She made it clear that FOTR fixes anything that is in need of attention on the Rubicon Trail, and has proven this for 9 years.
There was a lot of support for fixing the real problems at Little Sluice – and those are mostly people problems and bad behaviors. Things that need to be managed (fixed) still include petroleum issues and spills, erosion/sedimentation, and sanitation. FOTR can fix all these with a little help from our partners in the feds, the Rubicon Trail Foundation, and the County.  This is not rocket science -- this is commitment, persistence and common sense.

Several businesses (like ) and the "Save the Sluice" group made it clear that they are going to be on the trail, at Little Sluice, doing on-the-ground management of behaivour  and providing education on issues at the "box" to include cleaning up messes and spills.  Now THAT is dedication.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supported having a solid, integrated plan in place to deal with the concentrated use at Little Sluice, and of course reaffirmed their commitment to support Friends of the Rubicon.

Tom Celio was impressed with our dedication, consideration and respect for each other, as well as our commitment to the trail.  He said the next step was for this info (and the email testimony) to be packaged up and given to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors who will make important decisions like this one about the Rubicon Trail.  I trust Tom to give a good view of our side/testimony to the Board.
You can still email in your comments if you want.

Wow, thanks to all who could be there and all who sent support (or email testimony) in their own way.

FOTR Rocks.
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