Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surplus City, Oroville, CA

If you've never been here, this is QUITE the place to see and shop.  Not only that, this place is where the next W.E. ROCK comp is going be held in October, and where other rock crawl and mud bog events are held.  Urban Assualt is the name of the rock courses, with names like Terminator, Mine Field, Wall of Shame, and more.  And it's all part of this intoxicating military and jeep surplus store.  Whew....Stac and I thought we were going to have to camp out there just to see it all.
Bob Frank runs the show as General Manager and Cal4wheel has held events here as well.  Great people; awesome surplus stuff to see; and wow, what a fantastic OHV park.
You can get more info on their website here: http://www.surpluscity.com/

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